The Zhao Group


Jasco J-1500 CD Spectrometer

The J-1500 allows for the maximum flexibility to upgrade your CD system with different measurement techniques. While the standard measurement modes are CD, LD, and absorbance, up to four simultaneous modes can be measured when combined with a wide range of sampling accessories.

These accessories can measure a variety of samples, from liquids to films to solid-states. Temperature control systems can be coupled with multi-position cells to run thermal melts, providing researchers with CD and thermodynamic data sets for conformational and folding studies. Automated high-throughput CD can obtain measurements on up to 192 samples without user intervention, saving both time and money. Kinetic and protein dynamics studies can be performed with our dedicated stopped-flow systems that can measure both CD and fluorescence.

The wavelength range has also been significantly extended, allowing measurements to be obtained in both the vacuum-UV and NIR spectral regions using the standard PMT detector (163 – 950 nm) and an optional InGaAs detector (up to 1600 nm). Additional features now allow researchers to optimize their parameter specifications in order to obtain data with the highest resolution and S/N performance for a specific application set.