The Zhao Group



  The main research interests of our group are organic two-dimensional materials, including two-dimensional polymers, covalent organic frameworks and two-dimensional graphyne materials. We design and synthesize diverse monomers through organic synthesis first. Then the highly ordered supramolecular structures were achieved through self-assembly. The further polymerization leads to the formation of crystalline organic two-dimensional materials with diversified structures. Finally, the applications of these new materials in photocatalysis; electrocatalysis; energy storage and separation are explored.

  How to control the highly ordered polymerization of monomers in a two-dimensional plane and obtain two-dimensional organic materials with good crystallinity is the key scientific issue. The current strategy is mainly to use the reversibility of dynamic covalent bonds to construct crystalline organic structures (solution-phase synthesis). Another approach is to use the confinement effect of the interface and the supramolecular reorganization to achieve the crystalline two-dimensional thin-film materials (interface synthesis). The last but best strategy is to use the solid-state reaction to prepare large-size two-dimensional polymer single crystals through a process of single-crystal-to-single-crystal conversion (solid-phase synthesis).

  Organic two-dimensional materials are a new world in the field of materials. The dimensional effect of the unique two-dimensional structure together with the design and synthesis of colorful organic structures make these new materials shine in various fields. We sincerely wish more and more researchers could join this new field and do the exploration of these fantastic materials.

Two-Dimensional Polymer

Covalent Organic Frameworks

The Family of 2D Graphynes

Supramolecular Self-Assembly