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Perfectlight Labsolar-6A Gas Analytical System

Labsolar-6A all-glass automatic online trace gas analysis system 

1. Glass valve + automatic actuator, global innovation with both air tightness and efficiency;
2. Integrated control program, easy to operate, and scientifically accurate;
3. The test is fast and efficient, and the single sampling takes only 10 minutes;
4. Excellent compatibility, micro gas detection by photochemical, electrochemical, PEC photoelectrochemical reaction, etc. can be realized by replacing different reactors.

Application area:
Photocatalytic decomposition of water to produce hydrogen/oxygen
Photocatalytic total decomposition water
Photocatalytic CO2 reduction
Photocatalytic quantum efficiency measurement
PEC photoelectrochemistry
Photothermal catalysis (negative pressure and pressure system)
Photodegrading gaseous pollutants (such as VOCs, formaldehyde, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, etc.) 

Membrane photocatalysis